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With over 2.5 million real estate agents out there, and over 11,000 Las Vegas Real Estate Agents finding the right one for your transaction is tough. Interviewing potential candidates is the only way to select a Realtor® with the personality, credentials and experience to really fight your corner.  Ultimately, the interview is about three things: how well the agent knows the local market, how effectively he will represent you, and whether you can work together, both practically and ethically.

Here are 12 essential questions you should ask your Las Vegas real estate agent or broker before you hire them to help with your home sale or purchase. We took the liberty of putting in our answers for you in case you are looking for a real estate agent in Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Henderson Nevada.


How many years of experience do you have? 

Experienced agents typically make better agents. Look for Realtors® with at least five years’ experience in the local market. Check that they are used to dealing with properties that mirror yours in terms of size, style and price point. A seasoned agent used to selling deluxe golf estates may not be the best agent for selling a production starter home.

  • The Ballen Group has a combined team experience of over 50 years. Richard and Lori Ballen own The Ballen Group and moved to Keller Williams Las Vegas in 2010.


Do you hold any special accreditations?

All real estate agents should be licensed by their local state regulatory board. Many real estate agents take their education further and earn advanced designations in specialties such as buyer representation, property management, second-homes and the seniors market. About half of all licensed agents belong to the National Association of Realtors. NAR members pledge to observe a strict code of ethics and continuous training that typically goes beyond that required by the state regulators. Advanced designations are not deal-breakers, but they do signal commitment to the profession.

  • Several Ballen Group Keller Williams Las Vegas agents have accreditions or designations. From home buyer to short sales to seller designations, The Ballen Group most recently received it’s SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation through Lynn Snider, our Senior Specialist working the 55 plus communities such as Sun City Summerlin, Siena, Sun City Aliante, Sun City MacDonald Ranch, Los Prados, Solera at Anthem, and Solera Stallion Mountain, Ardiente in North Las Vegas, The Club at Madeira Canyon in Henderson, Promenade at the Meadows and Rancho Las Brisas


How many homes did you close last year?

The Las Vegas Real Estate agent with a stellar sales record likely is an knowledgeable expert with a significant profile in the local market. Who wouldn’t want to hire a hard-working, driven dynamo? But, hold up a minute. A solo agent who is selling two or three homes a week likely is not going to have time for you. You want an real estate agent that will hold your hand through the home selling process, not pass you to an assistant or be too busy to return your calls.

  • The Ballen Group sold just under 100 homes in Las Vegas last year.  1/2 were buyers and the other 1/2 were sellers. Lori Ballen Realtor® has a team of specialists who do one thing they are great at. So if you are looking to sell your home, you get a team of negotiators, marketers, and administrative team members who have your goal in mind at all times – to sell your Las Vegas Home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least hassle. Buying a home with The Ballen Group at Keller Williams Las Vegas is no different. Our buyer specialists are trained in first time home buyers, to military relocation, to luxury homes and senior residential. Backed by a solid administrative team with state of the art systems, you know your biggest investment is in the hands of the right agents.

How many homes did you close in my neighborhood?

Real estate markets are incredibly local: so local, in fact, that one house may experience a different price point and absorption rates (time on the market), and attract a different type of buyer, to a similar house just one street over. A good agent on paper is no use to you if she isn’t doing active business in your local market. Exceptional agents typically specialize in just a handful of communities. That way, they can keep up to date with school rankings, crime rates, zoning policies, employment statistics, freeway expansions –  all the metrics that determine a property’s true value.

  • We would be happy to get your our local numbers when you tell us your neighborhood. Although we have worked in Henderson, North Las Vegas, SW Las Vegas including Mountains Edge and Southern Highlands, The Ballen Group is on the west side specializing in Summerlin, NV.  We have team members from one side of town to the other that are sure to know your neighborhood. If we don’t, you have our commitment to research any pertinent facts that would apply to the purchase or sale of your home.


How many days does it take you to sell the average home? 

The real estate agent you interview should be able to tell you how long her listings sit on the market, and how that compares to the overall market.

  • 45% of our closed homes int the last 6 months closed in 23 days! Our overall average is 31 days listed to sold for traditional, not short sale listings.

What percentage of your homes sell at the full asking price? How close to the initial asking prices were the final sale prices of the homes you sold? 

This question establishes how skilled the Las Vegas real estate agent is at pricing homes. Get the price point too high, and the home will be harder to market and sell; too low, and you’ll be out of pocket by many thousands of dollars.

  •  Our listing and marketing team here at The Ballen Group Keller Williams Las Vegas is very proud of the fact that our Sales price to List price ratio is 100% for the past 6 months. This means on average, we get our sellers exactly what they asked for.

Will I be working with you directly or passed to a teammate?

Real estate agency teams are growing in popularity. Done properly, they allow people with different skill-sets to collaborate. A well-structured team frees the sales agent to do what she does best – sell your home – while the administration team shows houses and handles the paperwork. On the other hand, collaboration doesn’t work if the team behind the agent is poor, or you can’t connect with your primary agent. If you’re worried about being passed to an assistant, go with the solo player.

  • You won’t be “passed” to anyone. At The Ballen Group at Keller Williams Las Vegas, You’ll find a team of specialists. There is not one single person working with you. You get an entire team. Lori Ballen is the Realtor® on record, but you will work directly with a specialist as your designated agent for communication and on site representation. The marketing team will be focused on marketing your home if it’s a listing, and the administrative team will handle all contracts and documentation during the transaction.


Do you work full-time or part-time as a real estate agent?

Deals can be won or lost in minutes. You deserve an agent who is dedicated full time to your home.

  • At The Ballen Group, we couldn’t agree more with that statement. We don’t hire part time real estate agents. We just don’t believe they can fully commit to the clients when they are doing real estate by day and bartending at night. When you choose The Ballen Group, you will work with a full time agent and administrative team with Lori Ballen Realtor® and Richard Ballen Realtor® overseeing and ensuring team WOW standards are upheld.


Do you own your own home?

Around 85% of real estate professionals are homeowners. An agent that has been through the process is more likely to empathize with your situation and soothe your worries respectfully. An agent who lives locally is more likely to have their finger on the pulse of the local market and can offer first-hand advice about the local community, such as the schools and transport systems.

  1. Having lived in Las Vegas since childhood, Richard and Lori Ballen have bought and sold many homes, most of which were in Summerlin. Many of The Ballen Group team members are homeowners and every agent on the team has at one time bought or sold a home. Sadly, Richard and Lori Ballen did at one time lose a home to foreclosure after devastation hit their family. We share that information so that you know they’ve been in a distressed property situation before as well and can relate to hardship.

How will you market my home?

You don’t want an agent who’s going to put a poor quality photograph of your house on the company website and hope for the best. Good agents have aggressive and multi-pronged marketing strategies that adapt to a buyer’s or a seller’s market. Press for details. Does the agent keep a database of interested buyers? How will she approach them? Will the agent put advertisements in newspapers? How will she exploit the internet and social media? Will someone stage the home?

  • Good News. The Ballen Group is known to be one of the best marketing teams in Las Vegas. Richard and Lori Ballen come from a marketing background and Lori is known as the Queen of the Internet. She travels and teaches real estate agents how to market homes on the internet for the most exposure. This is one of the reasons The Ballen Group at Keller Williams Las Vegas gets it’s sellers 100% of their asking price on average. Marketing!


How often will I hear from you?

You’re both busy people, so you need an agent whose communication style fits well with yours. Do you prefer the agent to keep in touch through phone calls or e-mail? Do you expect a call after someone tours your house, even if the viewer is no hot prospect? Would you like twice-weekly updates, or just when there’s something to report?

  • You will probably hear from us more than you want to. Our policy is if our phone is ringing, we haven’t done enough to communicate. You will receive communication by phone and by email from the agent to the transaction coordinator to the marketing team throughout the entire process. We believe in WOW service and communication is the number one way to provide that. We care that you know we care.


Why should I hire you?

This is a classic interview question that can take the wrong road unless the agent has done some thinking ahead of time. Don’t settle for someone who promises to list, market and sell your property: this is the basic level of service that every agent should offer. What you want to hear is, what makes this person stand out from the crowd? If the agent can’t sell herself, she probably can’t sell your home.

  • The Ballen Group has worked hard to build a team of high level Las Vegas Real Estate Agents and skilled administrative team members to meet every clients goal. We provide outstanding personal service, an excellent level of communication, market your home to get top dollar fast, stay on top of technology and real estate trends, and even have surprises along the way that leave you saying WOW. When you decide to find a real estate agent, you don’t just want an agent, you want a force, you want The Ballen Group!  - 702-604-7739 or 702-482-7739

Choosing your Las Vegas Real Estate Agent

Choosing a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent | Summerlin Real Estate AgentAlthough home buyers and sellers in Las Vegas shouldn’t expect housing prices to reach the lofty heights they did before the bubble burst in 2008, there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic about your chances of success in the Nevada market – as long as you do due diligence when it comes to landing a real estate agent. In the years since the real estate disaster, both pricing and volume are picking up the pace in the steady march towards stability, and Las Vegas home values are one of the many locales to benefit from this.

Identifying the Right Real Estate Agent

Simply put – you’ve got to know who is selling (or buying, for that matter). Like most locales with strong and growing housing sectors, Las Vegas has plenty of real estate agents from which to choose, on the surface. The last thing you want to do, however, is to be swayed by a fast-talking, charismatic agent who turns out not to even be licensed. To be on the safest side, you might want to look into a Las Vegas realtor or real estate broker (which just means they’re more educated than an entry-level agent – but these don’t guarantee the best terms for you.

To this end, choosing a Las Vegas real estate agent should revolve around customer reviews and established success – there should verifiable evidence that they’ve actually closed deals for satisfied clients. After all, wouldn’t you want to display your certificate of completion for a college degree or your law license, etc? These should be readily accessible upon request, and a real estate agent should be eager to show them off. If they don’t have anything to show, either they are very new to the field (not a bad thing outright – we all have to start  somewhere or they lack positive feedback from previous customers. Ultimately, to be on the safest side, choosing an actual realtor really ups your chances of getting a better sale statistically.

The Short List on Las Vegas Realtor-Hunting

As for actionable advice on making sure you get a competent realtor with your best interests in mind, consider this blueprint:

  1. Narrow your search down to a list of 3-5 real estate agents. Use the internet, use coworker’s recommendations, family, friends and acquaintances that’ve had any recent dealings with a Las Vegas realtor or home sales professional. The simplest question to ask them is, “would you employ this real estate agent again?” That gets right down to the point and produces an unequivocal answer regarding who to cross off the list, and with whom to schedule an interview.  As mentioned, the internet can be a wonderful, comprehensive tool – search for a page that has the agents’ acquisitions and other successes listed.
  2. Once you schedule an interview, always ask how long your agent has worked in the real estate in general, and whether they’ve been licensed specifically in Las Vegas and how long ago. You want to make sure they know their particular market, which goes above and beyond the general education required for licensure. For obvious reasons, making sure that your realtor has loads of experience is a good thing – but do not rule out new realtors – they often have more time to be more committed to house-hunting. If the education and professionalism is there, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger just because the years are not (yet).
  3. Make sure to have a relaxing conversation with the realtor. It’s okay to have prepared questions, but this isn’t a multiple choice exam – you want to get to know the actual human being who is going to be responsible for selling or buying your next home. Oftentimes, you’ll form a relationship with a realtor that can span decades. At the end of the interview, get references from them regarding other customers – repeat business is always a blue flag of victory for how good the realtor is.

Much of this shouldn’t take you more than a week or so – prospective home buyers can do quite well with vetting just 3 realtors. Las Vegas real estate is quite competitive, which benefits the end-user most. Agents and realtors who can’t stay afloat definitely drown, as the more capable and successful take over the reigns. Just remember, it all starts with you and the amount of work you’re willing to put into securing that top-flight real estate agent or realtor.

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