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I only want people working in my organization from now on who see no limits, who are willing to think outside of the box, who are willing to RUN across the boundary line to prove there isn't one. The one's that have shown time and time again that they can bounce back, conquer the limitations and show up winning. I want the ones that are willing to take a stand, break a rule, make some noise, be heard. 
The Ballen Group of Summerlin Las Vegas is now welcoming... The Rebels, The Renegades who are   ready to take the real estate market by storm!!!

  Lyrics, No Boundaries by Adam Lambert
  Jumped every bridge
  Run every line
  With every step you climb another mountain
  With every breath it's harder to believe
  You make it through the pain
  Weather the hurricanes
  To get to that one thing
When you think the road is going no where
 Just when you almost gave up on your dreams
 They take you by the hand and show you that you can
 You can go higher
 You can go deeper
There are no boundaries above and beneath you
Break every rule 'cause there's nothing between you and your dreams
- I'll ask you to learn, while I'm practicing Mastery
- I'll ask you to care, while I'm loving immensily
- I'll ask you to think big, while I'm lassoing the moon
- I'll ask you for loyalty, but will find you opportunity
- I'll ask you to raise the bar, but I'll be leaping over it
- I'll ask.... But I'll give more in return.
I'm tough, I'm intense, and I expect nothing but the best from the people in my world.. Not the best they can do, the best that can be done. I will do anything for people who are willing to do more than they think it will take. 

I'm not average..... Are you? 
- Lori Ballen / Owner 


Careers with The Ballen Group and Companies



Las Vegas Real Estate TEam, Nevada Real Estate License 

Our Mission:
To constantly go above and beyond or client's expectations providing the Wow Factor in everything we do while    continuously growing a fun, top producing Real Estate company. 
 Our Vision:
 To be a company that everyone wants to part of and if not, feels like they are missing out.
 Our Values:
 Purpose, Passion, Perseverance

Our Culture: Work HARD, Play HARDER. It's a win for everyone, or it doesn't happen.

Over here at The Ballen Group and companies, we don't just fill jobs, we build careers. What we do is create a win win for everyone concerned. We have a culture here where we work hard and play harder. We are enthusiastic, high energy, and self motivated. We are a team of loyalty, team work, and growth. It is important to us that each person who joins our team feeds that culture. 

It is equally important that we feed that persons energy as well. That's why we look for role Matches. Candidates are always the right match for someone, somewhere. But we may not have a role that matches that candidate at this time. We use a process to determine a match. 

This is the process we use for making sure that our new team members thrive and find energy with our team. Someone will proceed through all or many steps, and some will stop at less. Not all candidates will go through the entire process if a non match is detected. 

1.) Social Media Evaluation

2.) 30 minute screening interview

3.) Behavior assessment 

4.) Validation of Behavior Assessment

5.) Comprehensive Interview 

6.) Reference Check - IN depth

7.) Background Check

8.) Judgment Evaluation

9.) Offer for Employment

10.) Expectation Dialogue and 100 days of training

We work diligently to ensure that all team members are properly trained in the first 100 days so that they are given the best chance possible of succeeding with our team and in our businesses. 


Here's what are seeking at this time:

Administrative Professionals

Office Managers

Marketing Department

Sales Agents
Buyer Agents
Listing Specialists
Short Sale Processors
Showing Partners

CEO for new business

Lead Coordinator

Web Designer / SEO / Lead Generator


Contact Us

The Ballen Group Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Team

3046 S. Durango #100
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117
United States


The Ballen Group Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Team

3046 S. Durango #100
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117
United States

In Regards to Nevada Short Sales



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Lori Ballen

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